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3-Day AS9100:2016 (Rev. D) Internal Auditor Training


Days: 3 • Price: $1295

Time: 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

This program has been designed to meet the training requirements for internal auditors for Management Systems. This course provides training in the principles and current interpretation of the requirements as related to Management System standards and the ISO 19011 audit guideline document. The intent of the course and examination are to provide students with a uniform interpretation of the standard requirements related to auditing of Management Systems, and to evaluate participants as potential auditors.

This course will be presented to current or future internal auditors of Management Systems. The course covers the subject matter content of the specific Management System requirements and auditing practices as defined by ISO 19011.

Those who successfully complete this course will:ProbitasAuthentication

  • Understand and successfully interpret the requirements of AS9100:2016
  • Plan and conduct an AS9100:2016 Internal Audit based on ISO 19011
  • Generate documentation associated with a successful audit
  • Use of effective opening and closing meetings to manage the communication process during Internal Audits
  • Conduct Internal Audit interviews that generate audit evidence
  • Ensure nonconformities are resolved prior to closing each audit cycle

Intended learning outcomes—students will:

  • Interpret the AS9100:2016 requirements within an audit scenario
  • Identify the attributes of a process based audit
  • Identify audit questions that result in evidence
  • Identify nonconformities in an audit scenario
  • Identify Terminology and Definitions as they apply to the AS9100:2016 auditing process
  • Identify the knowledge and skills associated with Internal Audits
  • Identify audit principles
  • Identify roles and responsibilities of the Internal Auditor
  • Identify the personal attributes of an internal auditor
  • Identify the attributes of a successful audit

Additional benefits associated with attending this course:

  • Provide critical knowledge for your staff and management
  • Qualify additional staff to conduct internal audits
  • Provide critical knowledge for your management staff
  • Gain insight into the AS9100:2016 audit requirements to augment/sustain your existing program

Course Agenda:

Schedule: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Day 1

  • Terminology and Definitions
  • Background, History and Rationale for Quality Assurance
  • Introduction to the ISO family of documents
  • Analysis of the Contents of AS9100:2016
  • Audit of Active Manufacturing Co. (Audit #1)
  • Quality System Requirements
  • Analyzing Audit Findings
  • ANAB
  • Auditor Qualifications
  • Roles and Responsibility of Auditors

Day 2

  • Creation of Effective Audit Checklists
  • Audit of Company Documents (Audit #2)
  • Tips for the Internal Auditor
  • Audit of Active Mfg. - Department Audit (Audit #3)
  • Compiling Audit Findings
  • Documentation in the Quality System
  • Planning and Conducting Effective Audits

Day 3

  • Refining Interview and Note-Taking Skills
  • Applicability of the Elements to Company Situations
  • Audit of Active Mfg. - Dept and System Auditing (#4)
  • Corrective Action Initiation and Closure
  • Creation of an Audit Report
  • Preparation and Presentation of a Closing Meeting
  • Review and Exam

Course Requisites

Minimum requirements include:

  • Participation in all scheduled days of the program is required in order to receive the certificate of successful completion.
  • Passing the final examination

Students that successfully complete this course may claim to be a certificate holder for AS9100:2016 3-Day Internal Auditor. They may not claim to be a certified person

Course Instructors have a minimum of 3 years in the Aerospace industry working for an airframe manufacturer or supplier as well as a minimum of 10 years aerospace/management systems auditing experience.

AQS Solutions is an internationally recognized management training firm specializing in AS9100:2016 implementation.

As a member of your AS9100:2016 project team, you gain critical knowledge to move your company ahead in today's competitive marketplace.

ISO Management Representatives will gain the credibility and prestige to effectively interact with certification bodies, customers, and suppliers.


On-site Training

If you have a group of 6 or more, holding an in-house seminar is an economical solution. Courses include: 16 Hour Certified Lead Auditor, Implementing AS9100:2016, Internal Auditor, and Documenting your ISO System. We can customize or create a program to meet your special needs. Contact our office about details and pricing.

All seminars are available for delivery through your professional association or ASQ Section. Call for more details.



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