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Changes in AS9100, AS9110 & AS9120:2016


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Days: Five • CTUs: 4.0 • Price: $2095

Time: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

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Whether you need to understand the changes, learn how to implement the changes in your existing management system, train your existing auditors or learn how to incorporate Risk Based Thinking into your management system, AQS can help!

» AS9100/AS9110/AS9120:2016 The Path Forward

Days: 2 • CTUs: 1.6 • Price: $1095
Time: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

This course is intended for management at all levels, quality personnel, and others who need to understand the requirements of AS9100/AS9110/AS9120:2016; what the requirements mean for their organization, and the steps their organization must take to update their current QMS to meet the requirements of AS9100/AS9110/AS9120:2016.

  • At the end of this course, each participant will leave with a formal, documented, detailed plan that is specific to the needs of their organization.  This plan will provide the details you will need to move your organization forward to accomplish two objectives:
    • Meet the requirements of AS9100/AS9110/AS9120:2016 and provide evidence that requirements have been met.
    • Achieve the embedded benefits contained in AS9100/AS9110/AS9120:2016.  Benefits will focus on the organization and their customers.

Click here for more information about AS9100/AS9110/AS9120:2016.

» AS9100/AS9110/AS9120:2016 Risk Management Essentials and Implementation Strategies

CTUs: .8 • Price: $495
One day: 8:00 am to 8:00-5:00 pm

This course provides coverage of the risk and opportunity management requirements within AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120, as well as the implications these requirements have for your organization. It will include the steps necessary to demonstrate that the risk and opportunity requirements have been met and also return value to the organization.

Click here for more information about Risk Management Essentials and Implementation Strategies.

» AS9100/AS9110/AS9120:2016 Auditor Transition Training

Days: 2 • CTUs: 1.6 • Price: $1095
Time: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

This course is intended for auditors (external and internal auditors). It will cover the specific differences between the previous revisions of AS9100/AS9110/AS9120:2016 and AS9100/AS9110/AS9120:2016 requirements from an auditor’s perspective. This course will emphasize the concepts that will be difficult to audit, including new requirements that are less prescriptive—for example: requiring fewer procedures, QMS-based risk based thinking in addition to operational risk management, knowledge management, product safety, counterfeit parts prevention, and many others.

  • Understand the additional level for process effectiveness analysis and the revised PEAR form and Process Evaluation Matrix, including understanding the differences between the terms “Process Results” versus “Process Realization” and linkage to citing nonconformities in an audit.
  • Review of the AS9100/AS9110/AS9120:2016 official auditing forms and their purpose, report, NCR, PEAR and QMS Matrix.

Click here for more information about AS9100/AS9110/AS9120:2016 Auditor Transition Training.

Please note that there is some subject matter overlap when taking all three courses. While many may choose to take both sessions, some choose one or the other making this overlapping content necessary.



To register for all three classes:* click on the date and location of the class.

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See course schedule for Risk Management Essentials and Implementation Strategies

See course schedule for AS9100/AS9110/ AS9120:2016 Auditor Transition Training

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