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AS9100 Auditor Training

The tasks performed by an AS9100 Auditor are very specific. Whether a lead auditor or internal auditor, it is vital that the auditor fully understand AS9100 standards as well as the specific duties associated with their job.

AQS Management Systems offers AS9100 Auditor Training through a number of courses listed on the Training page of our website. Some of those AS9100 Auditor Training courses are explained below.

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AS9100 Lead Auditor Training

The first day of the course addresses terminology and definitions, the background history and rationale of quality management, as well as an introduction to the family of documents that compose AS9100:2009. The second day of the AS9100 Lead Auditor Training addresses the process approach, analysis of audit findings, control and administration of audit programs, QMS Auditor qualifications, roles and responsibilities, and the audit checklist.

After three more days (a total of four class days and then a fifth day for the exam), participants should be able to explain the intent and requirement of each clause of AS9100:2009, identify audit evidence needed to demonstrate conformity and describe the requirements of the current revision of ISO 19011 with regard to the audit process. Those three are just a small part of the knowledge gained through our AS9100 Auditor Training.

Exemplar Global Certified

It is important to note that AQS Management Systems offers Exemplar Global Certified AS9100 Training. No other organization has been doing Exemplar Global Certified ISO Auditor Training longer than we have, and we encourage you to participate in one of our courses to see for yourself all of the things that set us apart. AQS Management Systems is your management systems solutions provider.

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